What is considered a Real Streetwear Brand?

What is considered a Real Streetwear Brand?

The big city of New York is where you can make it with your last dollar or you can go back to where you came from empty-handed. Well, like any disciplined hustler, I never go back empty handed no matter what. I always have to get a piece of the pie. Even if it is new information I earned instead of money by going out into the world. This was a major success for me. Even if I didn't realize it, showing up is the most important and critical thing to do when hustling a new streetwear brand on the "actual streets".

Oh no! This brand isn't funded by my family's money and it is not in stores within two months of selling our first shirt. No! This brand is from the ground up! Years of grinding on the streets of New York. So yes! This does qualify as a "Real Streetwear Brand".  Not some celebrity ad posting convincing you to buy something without any kind of history and true salt of the earth value.  

The Ops - as we say in New York - watch for your sales, while I watch for the moments. For example, someone who has never come across this brand will react with genuine awe. It's as if seeing the brand has changed their life for the better. I can only guess that they connect with the brand because of how refreshing and carefree it is. This is the cold streets of New York City, 14th Street Union Square. If you can sell a $200 sweater on the sidewalk without being solicited by ads or any kind of Black Hat Methods, then you're an official Streetwear Brand.

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